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What is your favorite Michigan recipe & story?

  1. Calumet - Pasties. 1,748 votes.
  2. Whitehall - Asparagus and Red Pepper Tart. 359
  3. Chelsea - Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Hickory Nuts. 308 votes.
  4. Cheboygan - Cranberry Apple Pie. 191 votes.
  5. Dundee - Michigan Mom's Favorite Caramel Apple Pie. 55 votes.
  6. Frankenmuth - Pretzels. 29 votes.

2,690 votes were cast. Votes were accepted thruogh 5:15 pm on May 25, 2007.


The entry from Calumet for Pasties wins the 2007 Michigan Foodways Recipe and Story Contest. Congratulations to Connie Hella, of Connie's Kitchen in Calumet, who submitted the entry. An award recognizing the accomplishment wsa presented on May 26 at the Chelsea Market Faire to kickoff the 2007-2008 tour of Key Ingredients Michigan Foodways.

Link here to view the recipes.

In 2006, each of the six Key Ingredients Michigan Foodways host sites held their own recipe and story contest. They submitted their winning entries to the Michigan Humanities Council for Michigan citizens to vote as their favorite.

This is more than a simple recipe popularity contest. Instead, each recipe has its own story. For example, it's not just "my grandma's cherry pie recipe;" it's "my grandma's cherry pie recipe she used to win the 'Jiffy Mix Bakeoff' in 1952." Each entry is unique, with an amazing story, one of which will be the "Official Recipe of Michigan Foodways."

The requirements were: (1) the recipe must contain at least one Michigan food or product; and, (2) the recipe must be accompanied by a story or history related to the dish. Each host community was responsible for determining the mechanism to pick their emblematic recipe and story.

Try out each recipe in your kitchen share your thoughts on the official KIMF message board. Also, share this with your friends, families, colleagues, and neighbors to vote for the best recipe and story in Michigan!

WINNER ANNOUNCED OF Gift Package from al dente pasta

The winner is Kathy Boersen of Holland, Michigan. Congratulations Kathy!!

Al Dente Pasta

The award-winning al dente pasta company is based in Whitmore Lake. This care package give away includes: 1) egg fettucine, fiesta fettucine, and olive & caper sauce. Entries were accepted through May 25, 2007.



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